Can You Drive With a Bent Frame?

It might be difficult to detect if a vehicle has internal problems, especially if the issue is not indicated on the dashboard. This is very different from having a bent frame. This is an issue that is almost impossible to miss as it is situated on the exterior of the car. If you have been in a recent collision, there is a very high chance that your vehicle has a bent frame. 

So how should you treat a bent frame? Should the repair be conducted immediately? Or can it be delayed? This article discusses questions that come into the driver’s mind after detecting a bent frame.

Can you drive your car with a bent frame?

Yes, you can drive with a bent frame to a certain degree. But is it advisable to do so? Absolutely not, it is dangerous to drive with a bent frame. You are not only compromising the safety of the occupants of the car but that of the public as well.

bent frame from car crash

You should only drive with a bent frame if the alignment of the vehicle is not compromised. Despite this, you should not drive the car for long. It should be inspected and repaired by an auto body shop as soon as possible.

Why should you not drive with a bent frame?

If your car’s frame became bent from a former collision, its vulnerability is compromised. Hence, if you are involved in a future accident, the vehicle might not be as safe as it was before, resulting in possible fatalities among the car occupants.

What happens when you drive with a bent frame?

A bent frame differs based on the impact that caused it. Some bent frames feature dents that might not affect driving in any way, while others make driving difficult or uncomfortable.

  • Your car might produce strange noises

If the bent frame is leaning on or affects the internal parts of the car, you might hear queer noises when you’re driving. Since your automobile was not manufactured to produce those strange noises, you should have a mechanic take a look at it as it might affect the proper functioning of the car. 

  • Your car might be leaning in one direction

If you drive with a bent frame, you might notice that your car is leaning in one direction. It is very dangerous to continue driving once you notice this. You can either have your car towed to the mechanic’s workshop or drive slowly to a local workshop.

  • Your car might become difficult to handle

It might be difficult to drive with a bent frame, especially when the car does not respond well. You might be driving in a straight line but the car might be moving in another direction. If this happens to you, you should not ignore this. You could easily cause a collision if you continue driving that way and hurt not only yourself but others on the road as well.  

Is it worth fixing a bent frame?

Yes, it is totally worth fixing a bent frame. The dangers of driving with a bent frame easily outweigh the cost of repairing the frame. However, depending on the severity of the bend, some vehicles might not be safe to drive even after repairing the frame.

How much does it cost to fix a bent frame on a car?

The cost of repairing a bent frame depends on the type of vehicle, the severity of the issue, and additional repairs linked to the bent frame. You might have to spend about $500 to $1000.

However, before straightening the frame, you should get the expert to perform a full inspection of the car to discover the full extent of the damage. 

Is it bad if a car frame is bent?

The answer to this is capital YES. A bent frame is a very dangerous situation. It poses a safety risk for yourself and other traffic participants. If your car has a bent frame, you should try to conduct a repair as soon as possible and not underestimate the damage. 

What does a bent frame cause?

A bent frame can cause a whole lot of problems, including:

  • Damaged engine parts

If a car has been involved in a serious collision, the frame might get a deeper impact which might affect the internal components of the car such as the engine parts; thus influencing proper functioning. 

  • Irregular tire tracks

A car with bent frame results in irregular car tracks. A regular car gives straight tire tracks except when the car is making a bend but the track is still a clean bend. This is different from the tracks a car with a damaged frame would give. The tracks tend to be wobbly as the alignment of the tires has been tampered with during the impact. 

  • Shaky wheels

A bent frame can affect the movement of the wheels of the car. Steering might become difficult and the wheels might not respond to the direction the driver is aiming for. 

  • Sticky doors

A bent frame can make your doors cease to fit. Cars are designed to have moving parts that fit perfectly and are perfectly aligned; hence if you are involved in a collision and your doors, trunks or other moveable parts in your car do not move or are sticky, a frame issue is to blame.

The frame of the vehicle should be inspected as soon as possible for further damage.   

How do you fix a bent car frame?

You can either fix a bent car frame yourself or hire an expert to get it done. Kindly note, that you can’t handle all bent frame issues yourself as they might be beyond your experience and skills. 

Fix it yourself

If your car suffered minor damage to its body, you might be able to fix this yourself. All you need is to hammer out the slight bump or dent and your car will be back to normal.

A creased bumper or hood might even be handled at home but you might attain a better result if you make use of professional tools while straightening the crease out. So where should you draw the line?

If you suffer any damage that affects parts of the car that influence the normal functioning of the car, a professional mechanic must be hired at once. 

Hire a mechanic

If your car sustained heavier damage to its structural frame, a mechanic should be hired to inspect the vehicle before starting the repair. Professional mechanics will make use of high-grade tools to help return the car as near as possible to the original position and repair other damaged components in the collision.


A bent car frame should not be handled with levity but be repaired immediately. You should gauge the severity of the damage before driving the car out.

If it is a minor dent that can be fixed by hammering it out, you can easily take care of this at home, but damages that greatly influence the alignment of the car should not be fiddled with, professional help should be hired immediately.