How To Bypass The Anti-Theft Device In Your Car

Automobiles are pretty expensive and have come to be considered status symbols all around the globe. Consequently, these vehicles attract attention from admirers, enviers, and more unsavory characters. It becomes necessary for owners to protect their properties.

Luckily, automobile technology has come a long way since its inception. Almost every car’s security is assured by the presence of an anti-theft system that prevents it from being stolen in various ways. Essentially, they restrict and prevent unauthorized access of any sort into the car.

While this is a net benefit to car ownership, the anti-theft system is not without its flaws. There are times when the system gets ‘overzealous’ and locks out the actual owner from their car, despite them having the real key and fob.

The best way to get around this is to disable the system; you can get into your car then and reset it so that it recognizes you on the next entry. How do you disable the system though? Do not fret, for you do not have to break a window or something similarly drastic. There are many ways in which you can disable the system.

Here Is How To BypassThe Anti-Theft System

When you find that your car alarm is on, or you are locked out of your car, and the usual methods of gaining access aren’t working, you can take any of the following courses of action:

1. You inspect your key fob battery

Your key fob is the small remote-control device that controls the remote access to your car. When this tiny handheld remote battery dies (or is dying), your vehicle would protest, and rightly so. It does this to alert you to the fact that your key system is going to stop working soon and to prevent you from being locked out.

Preemptive measures against this happening include regularly checking your key fob battery and changing it as the period requires. You could also keep extra fob batteries in your car to avoid getting stranded when you’re far from shops where you can purchase one.

car security light

2. You check the door lock

Forceful entry can be pretty damaging to cars. If there has been an attempt at a forceful entry into your vehicle, the anti-theft system would be fully locked on and loaded to prevent people from being able to enter at all. This is a natural response and is in your best interest too.

In this scenario, you should check the driver’s side of the car for signs of forced entry (burglars usually use screwdrivers to push open the lock cylinder. You should investigate whether it is damaged, and if it is, you will do well to take it for maintenance while using the passenger’s side in the meantime.

However, there are cases whereby no attempted forceful entry occurred, and the car shuts down due to the engagement of the anti-theft system from a damaged door lock. Therefore, the door locks of your vehicle should be checked routinely to ensure that they are all in good condition.

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3. You start the car manually

Most times, when the anti-theft system has been used, it takes a while for it to recognize the key as its access again. Starting the car manually through the ignition keyhole can help to expedite this process.

You do not fully start the car; however, you just switch it on and let it warm for about ten to fifteen minutes. During that time, the vehicle should recognize the key again. You turn the ignition back off, then wait for a while before turning it back on again.

4. You check online

There are millions of cars globally; hence, there will be someone using your car model who might have encountered similar issues before. Certain combinations work with different cars that help drivers bypass the anti-theft system of their vehicle when it is triggered unnecessarily. However, it is essential to know that combinations are mainly specific to a particular model or brand.

5. You disconnect the battery

If your car fails to recognize your key when the anti-theft system is triggered, you can try disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes and connect it again. The anti-theft system is an electronic system that relies on the car’s battery to function effectively. Hence, without its power support, there is a high chance the system would be reset by the time you reconnect the battery.

To disconnect the battery, use the appropriate tools to disconnect both the negative and positive terminals. Then reconnect to the right terminal after waiting.

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6. You nudge the wheel

There are times the wheel of your car gets stuck when the anti-theft system is engaged. It might be difficult to even turn the key in the ignition hole in such cases. Nudging the wheel a couple of times helps release it. This does not occur with most cars, but it does in some.

What Should You Do If Your Car Still Refuses To Start?

If your car refuses to start even after trying out the above methods, you might try contacting a professional mechanic to help figure out what is wrong with the vehicle. For instance, a damaged immobilizer might be the cause of the anti-theft engagement. This might be tricky to handle on your own without professional help.

The root cause might be from other sources that cannot be taken care of at home, and you might need to contact your insurance company or private mechanic to handle the issue for you.

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Is there a fuse for the anti-theft system?

There is no definitive answer, as some car models do come with a fuse for their anti-theft device, some cars don’t. The easy way to find out would be to consult your owner’s manual. Cars that don’t come with a fuse for the anti-theft system, will usually have the immobilizer draw power from the body control module (BCM).

Will disconnecting the battery reset anti-theft?

Disconnecting the battery terminals for 5 to 10 minutes will reset the anti-theft system, as well as the car’s computer system. While this might help solve the problems with your anti-theft system acting weird, it is not guaranteed to work if there are other issues.

How long does it take for the anti-theft system to reset?

Your car’s alarm system will usually reset in less than 10 minutes when disconnecting the battery terminals.

Is the anti-theft light supposed to blink?

An anti-theft light can blink for multiple reasons. While on some vehicles the light will stay on when the system is armed, other cars will have a blinking light to let you know the system is on. It will come down to your car make and model, therefore I recommend checking your car manual. A blinking anti-theft light does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with your vehicle.

How do you know if your car is in anti-theft mode?

As discussed already, most cars will have a light that will tell you the state of the system. If there is a problem when you are trying to start the car, there is a chance that there is a malfunction in your anti-theft device.


Being one of the top security features installed to protect the car, the anti-theft system is designed to be sensitive to even the littlest threats to the vehicle. Therefore, it is not surprising that the system sometimes gets activated even when the car is not under attack.

Consistent maintenance and a routine check will help limit this from frequently happening as they eliminate potential issues that might involuntarily activate the anti-theft system.