Is Carquest A Good Brand? Find Out Here!

Automobiles are technical machines, and as expected, with time, they develop faults caused by lack of maintenance, accidents or crashes, and most times, age deterioration. When parts of a vehicle develop problems that impact the proper functioning, there are two options available to choose from. You could decide to repair the part or replace it altogether.

If the part is beyond repair, replacement is usually the go-to option, and there are a lot of brands that offer vehicle replacement parts. One such brand is Carquest.

Is Carquest a reliable brand? How good is it compared to other brands? Keep reading, as this article will answer these questions in detail.

Is Carquest A Good Brand?

Carquest auto parts are the premier suppliers of replacement products and accessories, supplies, and equipment for all car makes- trucks, off-roaders, buses, and agricultural equipment. The brand also provides great customer service and industry leadership for car experts and enthusiasts.

Carquest is highly rated by consumers and users because of its proficiency in producing remarkable auto parts. Not only are they acknowledged for their excellent customer service, but also for the diversity of products they deliver.

This brand provides its clients with the necessary auto parts replacements for their cars, ranging from motor oils, brake pads, batteries, etc. When you buy from Carquest, be assured you’re getting reliability and durability.

They are also affordable, and they’ve got a variety of auto brands you can select from, having an all-around quality rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. It also ranks 182nd among other auto parts corporations. So, yes, Carquest is an excellent brand. 

Which brand is better, Carquest or Duralast?

Carquest is an independent company that focuses on providing customer satisfaction and excellent service. It is a subsidiary of Advanced Auto parts that sells and distributes car tools and equipment to both technicians and DIYers. Founded in 1974, Carquest is well known for over 60 years of experience in the auto parts business.

Duralast is a brand of Autozone auto parts that are designed to serve or exceed the requirement of your automobile performance. It was founded in 1956 by Harry W. Hensley Jr. and is also well-known for over 50 years of experience.

Duralast and Carquest are both excellent brands that have their pros and cons. However, depending on consumers’ interests and needs, they can decide which is the best brand for them. I would personally check both retailers and choose the one that provides a better deal.

Are Carquest parts OEM?

The term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to those companies that produce parts or equipment that can be assembled on a finished product by another brand company. The brand company provides to market the item with its brand.

For example, the engine and other components of a car, such as the control unit, the oil filter, and many other mechanical components, can be manufactured by an OEM company but bought and assembled by a brand company often called the parent company. That’s simply how OEM works.  

All Carquest auto parts are built by original equipment (OE) manufacturers to guarantee long-term usage for your automobile. They are designed to meet or exceed OE operation standards to provide a guaranteed service life. Regarding quality, reliability, and durability, they offer the same exact standards and performance. 

Who makes Carquest parts? 

Carquest Corporation and Distribution Network was founded in 1974 by O. Temple Sloan, General parts Inc. (GPI) owner in Raleigh, North Carolina, with Joe Hughes of Indiana parts and Warehouse in Indianapolis and Dan M. Bock of Bobro Products in the Bronx, New York.

These three companies came together as a result of competition from high-volume retail shops. Temple Sloan, on his part, speculated that to remain competitive, a programmed distribution through a cooperative partnership will be the most effective means. This programmed distribution joined warehouses and jobbers in the auto parts distribution process. 

General parts owned by O. Temple Sloan were the largest number, with general parts having possession of 1400 out of 3400 auto parts owned by Carquest across North America by 2011.

White Plains Automotive, which was later renamed B.W.P Distributors, bought Bobro Products in 1984. Then BWP distributors were later owned by Advanced auto parts in 2012. 

Carquest acquired Worldpac in 2004 but chose not to be attached to its operations- they decided to keep it separate. Worldpac was formed by the union of Worldwide Trading Corp. (WWTC) and Imported Parts and Accessories (IMPAC) in1995. Worldpac specializes in providing aftermarket parts for imported vehicles that are difficult to get. In 2004, it was acquired by Carquest, then later, on January 2, 2014, Worldpac was acquired by Advance Auto Parts.

Advance auto parts, in December 2012, acquired BWP Distributors. It was later announced on October 16, 2013, that Carquest auto parts will be acquired by Advance Auto Parts. The transaction was an all-cash one of approximately 2 billion dollars and was sealed on January 3, 2014. Advance Auto Parts, CAP Warehouse of Nevada, Muffler Warehouse of Idaho, and Automotive Warehouse of Hawaii are Carquest members. 

Advance Auto Parts is currently the parent company of Carquest Corporation. It owns it and has a direct influence on its supplies and equipment. In 2021, it openly declared its plans to establish retail stores under the Carquest name. 

Is Carquest quality the same as Napa?

National Automotive Parts Association, known as Napa auto parts, is also an American Corporation that distributes and sells automotive replacement parts and accessories throughout North America. It was founded in 1925 and also operates in Canada through the United Auto Parts division of Genuine Parts Company and Autopro repair facilities in Canada.

Napa auto parts have good quality auto parts, but a common issue they have is that of customer service. They have a customer rating of 1.68 stars out of 5 stars implying that most customers are not satisfied with their purchase. If you don’t require the component right away, you can order from Napa. Asides from that, they deliver excellent quality auto parts. 

Carquest delivers consistent quality auto parts that suit different automobile brands. It provides cars with the needed auto parts offering satisfaction and excellence. They have exceptional customer service and are also highly rated by customers and users because of their proficiency. By ordering from them, you will be sure to get the right tools, equipment, or accessories for your automobile. 

How do Carquest parts compare to Autozone parts?

Autozone auto part was founded on July 4, 1979, and distributes auto parts and accessories in areas like the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Brazil, and Mexico, having over 6,400 stores. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Autozone is rated highly for Culture- they grow with the need for transformation over time, while Carquest Auto Parts is highly rated for Work/Life balance. 

However, Carquest auto parts is one of the leading auto parts retailers, supplying new and remanufactured automotive parts, maintenance and replacement items, and also accessories such as batteries, electrical components, etc.

From personal experience, Carquest has some car parts that Autozone doesn’t, a decent price, and always delivers faster than Autozone. Most customers are more pleased and impressed with their excellent service. 

Autozone is the largest American retailer of automotive parts and equipment and also the nation’s leading retailer and distributor of auto parts. They have over 6,400 stores, and each store contains quality standard auto parts replacement necessary for your automobile. One of the customers’ reviews disclosed that Autozone parts do not erase their warranty files after a certain amount of time.

They will have your purchase on file and still be able to find it on the condition that you are still able to provide the correct purchase information. Autozone is also preferred because of its return policy. You can go to any of their stores, and they will take your items back, regardless of which location you purchased them from.

Are Carquest parts made in the USA?

Carquest is an American automotive parts distribution network that distributes and sells advanced and quality automotive replacement parts for almost all kinds of automobiles. They are the largest automotive parts distributor in North America, allocating outstanding auto parts to both professional technicians and DIYers.

The components sold by Carquest are not all made in the USA, as in order to offer such a wide array of products, they need to import parts from all over the world.

Their headquarters is located in Roanoke, Virginia, United States. Carquest auto parts form close alliances with major auto parts suppliers and manufacturers that are up to quality standards. It is currently owned and operated by Advanced Auto parts operating over 5300 automotive stores with approximately 75,000 employees. 


Car repairs are no joke. Hence you want them done right and effectively. In addition, you want to have the right parts and perfect tools to get the job done no matter where you are. Carquest is one of the brands committed to providing the finest quality auto replacement parts in the automotive aftermarket.

They also meet and/ or exceed standards of operations and dependability produced by the best manufacturers in the auto parts industry. So it seems they are not a bad option if you need to purchase replacement parts. 


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