Is Kroger Gas Any Good? (Answered)

The quality of fuel cannot be measured based on the different grades of fuel because octane number is not a suitable factor. In fact, most automakers recommend the use of regular gas rather than high-grade gas.

A better factor for determining quality is the number of detergent additives in the gas as well as the composition of other substances. Due to the importance of detergent additives in gas, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a guideline in place to ensure the required amount of detergent is present in the gas.

So how good is Kroger gas?

Kroger gas is definitely one of the better alternatives around, although they are not listed as a top-tier brand. When compared to the likes of Shell or BP, highly looked upon gas stations, some drivers prefer to go for the cheapest price tag.

Kroger gas station

And they are not wrong, as sometimes supermarket gas stations use the same providers as top-tier brands.

Is Kroger gas top tier?

Kroger gas might not be certified as top tier, but the gas is of good quality. Due to the numerous suppliers of Kroger gas, it is difficult to ascertain if their gas is fully top-tier standard. However, they do receive gas from registered top-tier gas brands such as Shell, Exxon, and BP.

The different sources of Kroger gas affect the ethanol composition of gas at each location. Some locations have higher ethanol content, while others have lower ethanol present in the fuel. This does not in any way imply that the quality of Kroger gas is compromised.

Their effort in keeping contracts with top-tier brands for fuel supply shows that they place a lot of thought into the quality of their gas.

Does Kroger use Shell gas?

Yes, Kroger does make use of Shell gas as Shell is one of its suppliers. Since Kroger gets its fuel from top-tier gas brands such as Shell, you might get to fill your tank with top-tier standard gas in your location.

You have a higher chance of getting top-tier standard fuel at your location because Shell supplies fuel to most of Kroger’s locations.

Although Kroger makes use of Shell gas at most of its locations, this does not mean both brands are the same. They are different brands that get their fuel from the same source and partner up in fuel reward points.

Does Kroger gas have additives?

Yes, Kroger gas does contain detergent additives. However, the quantity of the detergent additives might vary based on location. Why so?

The quality of gas varies from one Kroger location to another due to different suppliers; hence, you might get top-tier standard gas at one location and get regular standard gas at another location.

Since the quality of gas varies in different locations, you can determine if your local Kroger station provides high-quality gas, by knowing the supplier of your location.

Verifying the number of additives in your fuel is important because the detergent is a very important factor in determining the quality of the fuel.

The higher the detergent additives, the greater the cleaning ability of the fuel, and top-tier gas contains more detergent additives.

Are Kroger fuel points good at Shell?

You can redeem Kroger fuel points at select Shell stations that participate in the reward. You get one fuel point for each dollar spent on groceries.

You can then redeem these points at the gas station at the rate of 100 fuel points for 10 cents per gallon. Kroger offers double fuel points on gift card purchases.

Therefore, even if your local Kroger station is not supplied by Shell, you have a good chance of getting top-tier gas by redeeming your Kroger points gotten from shopping for groceries at a participating Shell station.

You can contact a Shell representative to confirm if your local Shell filling station is accepting Kroger fuel points.

How long do Kroger fuel points last?

Unfortunately, Kroger fuel points do not last forever and certainly do not last for a very long time. They expire on the last day of the month following the month they were earned.

For instance, if you earned your fuel points in February, they expire on the 31st of March. Therefore, any points earned should be used up as soon as possible as they cannot be rolled over after their expiration date.

Can I use Kroger fuel points at BP?

Kroger points are only accepted at Kroger family fuel centers and participating Shell stations. BP does not accept Kroger fuel points but partnered with two Kroger subsidiaries to provide fuel savings to their consumers.

The brand partnered with Roundy’s Supermarket Inc., which is a subsidiary of Kroger, to start its point reward for Mariano’s grocery franchise.

So as consumers shop at Mariano, they get one fuel point per dollar spent on Mariano’s reward card, and the points can be redeemed at 100 points for 10 cents off a gallon, just like Kroger points.

These points can be redeemed at the BP gas stations and Amoco locations. For double fuel points, gift cards can be used for purchases. A whopping 50 points can even be earned at once on prescriptions.

BP and Amoco also joined another subsidiary of Kroger, Harris Teeter. The process is quite similar to that of Mariano.

With every shopping made on the VIC savings card at Harris Teeter, fuel points are earned and can be redeemed at Amoco and BP gas locations.

Although Kroger fuel points can’t be used at BP, Kroger’s subsidiaries’ fuel points – Mariano and Harris Teeter- can be used at BP gas stations.


Kroger gas might not be a registered top-tier brand, but the gas ensures it gets most of its fuel from reputable top-tier brands. Kroger is currently sourcing most of its fuel from Shell and has had contracts with other top-tier brands such as Exxon and BP.

This says a lot about the fuel quality sold at their stations. The quality of the gas might not the same at all stations, but they do prioritize quality. Apart from their fuel contract with Shell, Shell is also included in the points reward program of the brand.

So, when you shop for groceries, you can use your points earned to get fuel at a 10 cents discount per 100 fuel points at certain Shell stations.

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