Is Murphy Gas Good? (Answered)

Murphy gas stations are one of the most common ones around. You’re most likely going to see one of them around Walmart stores.

Although not a top-tier gas, Murphy Gas is considered a good alternative to other supermarket gas stations, especially due to its lower prices.

This is not a coincidence, Murphy and Walmart have been in a partnership that lasted for 20 years. During this time, Murphy opened over 1,000 gas stations outside Walmart stores. 

But the partnership ran its course in 2016 and after it ended, Murphy USA. continued operations of its gas stations outside Walmart in addition to about 300 independent gas stations. 

This brings the total number of Murphy stores to about 1,600, making it one of the most accessible gas stations to locate if you ever need to top up your car quickly. 

Before answering the question, is Murphy gas good? Here are some things you should know about Murphy gas. 

Is Murphy Gas Top Tier?

When it comes to gas rating, it doesn’t get any better than the top tier rating, and for good reason. This is the quality benchmark set by automobile manufacturers and if you want to enjoy your car, then it’s good to follow the advice of its maker. 

But not all gas retailers make it to the top tier category. The reason for this is the stringent requirement and tests needed to make it on this list.

Unfortunately, Murphy gas is not among the top-tier gas brands, but this doesn’t mean it is bad gas. 

Murphy gas has been running for more than two decades. Although there have been some complaints regarding the quality of the gas, Murphy gas still meets the minimum requirement set by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) for all gases sold in the US. 

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Is Murphy gas Ethanol-free?

No, Murphy gas contains at least 10% Ethanol. 98% of gasoline sold in the US is E10 which is a designation for gas containing 10% Ethanol. The addition of Ethanol helps to achieve less environmental pollution by increasing the octane number of the gas.

However, many car owners now prefer to use Ethanol-free gas or E0 because it delivers more power and it is better for new engines. It is also great for small engines, boats, lawnmowers, and all-terrain vehicles.

For this purpose, a small percentage of gas retailers do sell Ethanol-free gas as an option for their customers. Murphy gas is among the few gas retailers that make this option available.

However, it is worth noting that gas stations that retail ethanol-free gas are few and may not be in your immediate location.

Does Murphy gas have detergents?

Yes, all gas sold in the US and most other countries contains detergent additives that help to clean the engine. What differs is how much detergent is being added to the gas. 

The higher the amount and quality of detergent additive used, the better the quality of the gas.

Detergents are also the main difference between regular gas and top-tier gases. Top-tier gases contain higher quantities of detergent additives compared to regular gases. 

However, this isn’t the only criterion for gas to make the top tier list, which is why many known gas brands are not on the list but are still known to be of good quality. 

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Are Murphy gas stations owned by Walmart?

No. Murphy gas stations are owned and operated by Murphy USA. However, most Murphy gas stations are located next to Walmart.

This is due to the previous partnership between Murphy USA and Walmart, but after the partnership was dissolved in 2016, Murphy took over the full operation of its gas stations. 

Does Murphy gas station take EBT/SNAP?

Yes, but there are a few things you should know. With your EBT card, you can purchase items like milk, fruits, vegetables, cereal, and other items considered “nutritious” groceries in-store and not online.

You can also have access to the SNAP benefits using the EBT cards at any designated Murphy stores.

However, before doing all these, you must be a member of Murphy stores. This means having your membership card. Without it, you won’t have access to the store. Also, not every item can be purchased using the EBT card. A WIC label is used in each store to separate EBT items from non-EBT items.

All refunds of purchases made using the EBT card at any Murphy store have a 90-day refund policy. And don’t expect to be given cash refunds, instead you have the options of being credited, receiving store benefits, or an identical item in return.

Why should I buy gas from Murphy?

One thing that separates Murphy gas from most other gas brands is its low gas prices. Murphy gas is so cheap relative to that of the competition and this is why they are extremely popular. 

Gas prices are always increasing and looking around for cheaper alternatives isn’t a bad decision, so long as you are sure of the quality of the gas. Murphy gas has been around for so many years and one thing they have consistently gotten right is the low prices of their gas. 

They also offer rewards to loyal customers and you can take advantage of this to get free gas. 

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Final Note

Back to the question, is Murphy gas good? The answer is Yes. Murphy gas has been around for a long time but the journey hasn’t always been smooth.

One concern people raise regarding Murphy gas is that they sell low-quality fuel that ends up costing more in maintenance compared to the savings in gas cost.

This is however not a general issue and the idea of selling low-quality gas could explain the ridiculously low gas prices they offer. However, the lowest grade of gas has an octane rating of 87. 

This is often referred to as regular gas and whereas many people take this to be low-quality gas, regular gases are still very good.

The problem comes when you use regular gas in cars that are clearly designed to use gasoline with a high octane rating.

This could lead to pinging or knocking noises coming from the engine. So if you own one of the new generations of cars then it is most likely going to run better on gasoline with a higher octane rating.