Mitsubishi Outlander Gas Door Won’t Open (Solved)

Some users find it difficult to open the fuel door of the Mitsubishi Outlander on the first try because of being unable to locate the gas door button. However, other users complain about being unable to open the gas tank door even after pulling the lever.

This is a regular occurrence with most vehicles and shouldn’t be cause for worry but should not be dismissed because, without gas, your vehicle is of no use to you.

Why is the fuel door of the Mitsubishi Outlander stuck?

If you drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, you might have experienced your gas door being stuck and not opening, no matter how hard you pull on the opening lever. You might be able to fix this with a card trick, but if this does not work, there are other reasons for your car door being stuck.

Here are the main causes for which your gas door won’t open on your Mitsubishi Outlander:

  • Broken fuel door release
  • Damaged fuel door hinge
  • Damaged fuse and wiring
  • Broken fuel door lever
  • External damage near the fuel door

Let’s dive into more detail about each possible cause and what should you do if you find yourself in this situation.

Broken fuel door release

In normal circumstances, before the fuel tank door opens, you need to pull on the lever, implying that there is some connection between the fuel door and the lever being pulled. This is quite true, and there is a cable connecting the door to the lever. Therefore, if any harm befalls the cable, the connection between the door and the lever is disrupted, and the door becomes stuck and doesn’t respond even when the lever is pulled.

External damage near the fuel door

If you pull on the lever and the fuel door does not pop open, you should check the state of the door and surrounding parts. If your vehicle had experienced a physical impact at some point, it could disrupt the door’s mechanism and prevent it from opening up when it should.

Damaged fuel door hinge

The fuel door of the SUV has a spring that allows the door to pop open when the lever is pulled. Sometimes the spring needs lubrication to function well. Hence, there are times a stuck door might result from a stiff hinge in need of lubrication. The spring might be damaged at other times, and the door will not pop open when the lever is pulled. If the spring is loose or broken, the door will not open.

Broken fuel door lever

The fuel door might be stuck or refuse to open because of a damaged lever. If you pull hard on the lever and it breaks, the fuel flap might become stuck. If for some reason, you need to use more force than usual when pulling the lever, it is recommended not to force it, or it could break.

Damaged fuse and wiring

A damaged fuse might also prevent the fuel door from opening. The door has an actuator circuit that functions to open and close the door by using power from the car’s battery. Within this circuit, there is a fuse present. If the actuator experiences a shock, the fuse takes the brunt and blows up.

When this happens, the door will not open. In other cases, bad wiring might also make the door stuck. Since the door is electrically controlled, disconnection of the wires results in a stuck fuel tank flap.

What should I do if the gas door on my Outlander won’t open?

If your fuel tank door is stuck, the first thing is not to panic or get worked up over it. It might occur at the wrong time, but getting worked might make you lose sight of what is causing the problem. Therefore, if your fuel door refuses to open, calmly try to figure out the cause of the issue.

As mentioned above, multiple reasons might cause this; hence, you should try to see which one might apply to your case. After figuring out the cause, the next step is working towards fixing it. If it isn’t an issue you can fix yourself at home, you should contact a mechanic to oversee it.

Check the fuel door fuses

As aforementioned, the fuses are important to the fuel door. It is a component that helps keep the door closed. Hence, if your door gets stuck, this is a good place to start your inspection. Ensure the fuses are still fine. They’ll need to be replaced before the door opens if they are not.

You can easily replace a blown fuse with the help of your user manual. The location of the fuse box will be stated in your user’s manual. Once you find the fuse box, locate the fuse related to the door actuator circuit and inspect it. If the wire in the fuse is blown, you can then change the fuse.

Use the emergency opening pull in the trunk

If you can’t get the gas door to open no matter what you try, you should find the emergency opening pull located in the trunk. This has been designed for an emergency, so the gas flap will release when pulled.

Check the fuel door control cable

The broken fuel door release is a widespread problem in cars. Therefore, the cable connection should be inspected. If the cable is faulty or broken, you might need to replace it. You can quickly get one online or at a store at an affordable rate. You can either fix the new cable yourself or hire a mechanic to fix it for you.

Replace the fuel door opening motor

If the actuator motor is the cause of the stuck door, the circuit might need to be replaced. If you know your way around the actuator circuit, you might be able to get this with additional help from the user’s manual. However, if you’re not confident in replacing it, you should seek professional help from a mechanic.

Should I pry open the gas tank door on my Outlander?

You should never try to pry open the gas tank door on your Outlander. If the door is stuck, use the emergency lever located in the vehicle’s trunk. You risk breaking the gas door, costing you more to fix.

If you still can’t open the fuel door and are far away from home with little gas left, you can call a tow truck to take your vehicle to a nearby service station.

If you can make it home or to a repair garage, it will probably cost you less to fix it.

Can I prevent the gas tank door from getting stuck?

If your gas tank door is “sticking” when opening, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent it.

First, make sure that the area around the door is clean and free of debris. If anything is blocking the door, it may not be able to open properly.

Secondly, you can try lubricating the door with a silicone-based spray. This can help to reduce friction and allow the door to open more easily.

Finally, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the gas tank door itself.


The fuel door is mostly not paid attention to till the door becomes a hindrance. The door’s hinge is a metal part that might get stiff over time. To prevent this from happening and resulting in a stuck door, you should lubricate the hinges from time to time.

If you experience any external damage to your car tank’s side, you should visit your mechanic to fix the issue before you run out of fuel and get stranded at the filling station. When opening your fuel door, you should be careful with the lever. It should not be yanked carelessly as it could snap.

Regular maintenance might be beneficial in detecting potential issues that might cause this issue in the future. You can also inspect your car once in a while just to be sure. Moreover, it’s your car, and you know it better.