[Infographic] – 6 Simple Steps to Prepare for Winter

 Steps  to Prepare for Winter

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With winter coming, it is important to ensure your car is ready and safe to drive in freezing conditions.

Here are six simple steps that you should do to make sure your car is ready for winter:

1. Get a winter car service

A winter car check will usually involve a mechanic checking your battery, coolant and antifreeze levels, windshield wipers, oil, lights, and tires.

2. Check the battery

Remember that car batteries have a life span of about 5-10 years. You should check your car battery regularly. Modern cars can go into limp mode as a result of a bad battery.

3. Top up your engine coolant with antifreeze

During winter, the temperature can drop well below freezing. You need to ensure you have the right mix of engine coolant. 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze is ideal.

4. Check your tires

Regardless of the weather, tires are one of the most important parts that you should check that are in good condition. You should check that the tires have enough tread and do not show any cracks or bulges. During wet and icy conditions, this should become your #1 priority.

5. Clean your lights

Check that all the lights, indicators and rear reflectors are clean of debris and snow.

Ensuring that all the lights are working, is vital for driving safely and also part of the law.

6. Prepare for longer journeys

Winter or not, you should always check the weather forecasts, traffic information and what are the safest routes.