Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (Pink) Equivalent (With Prices)

Overheating is a common problem faced by car owners, and although there are many reasons why it happens, the most common cause is a faulty cooling system or a cracked radiator. So it is important to keep this system running as smoothly as possible.

One way to do this is by using the correct coolant. The obvious choice for those who own a Toyota is the Toyota Super Long Life Coolant equivalent (pink). In this article, I will show you three alternatives that you should consider. But first, let’s talk about the Toyota super long-life coolant equivalent. 

Here Are 3 Alternatives to Toyota Super Long Life (Pink)

Here are the three best alternatives to the Toyota Super Long Life coolant, including quantities and prices:

NameQuantityPrice Range
Zerex Asian for Toyota1 Gallon$20
Peak Global Lifetime 50/501 Gallon$15
Pentosin Pentofrost A41 Gallon$25
Prices are correct at the time of writing the article

But before diving into each alternative, here is some more information about the Toyota Super Long Life Coolant, also known as the Toyota pink coolant.

If you have one of the new Toyota models, it will likely come with the pink-colored super long-life coolant from Toyota, also known as Toyota SLLC. Toyota released it in 2004 to replace the Toyota long life coolant (red). 

The Toyota super long life coolant is formulated using Hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT), making it more efficient and long-lasting.

It has a replacement interval of about 160,000 km (approx.100,000 miles), which is four times that of its predecessor, the Toyota long life coolant Red which had to be replaced after 40,000 km. This makes the Toyota SLLC both economical and environmentally friendly in the long run.

 It comes in a 50/50 prediluted mix of de-ionized water and antifreeze, so you don’t have to dilute before use. As an ethylene-glycol based coolant, the Toyota SLLC prevents overheating and provides superior antifreeze protection. 

To do this, it lowers the freezing point of the water in your car engine to -34•F, which is perfect for winter conditions. Protection against rust and corrosion is also guaranteed since it does not contain harmful silicates or other additives that can form abrasive deposits within the car engine. 

It is easy to see why this coolant is often the first choice for most people. 

However, if you can’t lay your hands on one, you may find yourself looking for a good alternative. In that case, here are three alternatives that you should consider;

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1. Zerex Asian for Toyota

 Zerex Asian is an antifreeze coolant manufactured by Valvoline for all Asian vehicles. It is developed using the Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT), and It comes in three colors, red, blue, and green, to match the colors of the OEM coolant for most Asian cars.

Regardless of the color, the Zerex Asian coolant comes prediluted in a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and ionized water. This eliminates the need to further dilute the coolant before using it. The phosphate additives in this coolant give an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

It doesn’t contain silicates and other harmful additives like borates and nitrates. It is also effective against the cold winter temperatures up to 34•F and high summer temperatures up to 265℉.

2. Peak Global Lifetime 50/50

Peak Global Lifetime is another good alternative to the Toyota super long life coolant. It also uses advanced organic acid technology.

According to the manufacturer, this patented technology provides lifetime protection for the vehicle. A complete flush and fill is performed, and routine maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Unlike the Zerex Asian, Peak Global lifetime is a one-size fit. It can be used with any automobile, light, or medium truck, regardless of the manufacturer or model. In addition to protecting the vehicle against extreme temperatures ranging between -34°F to 265℉, Peak Global lifetime also protects the engine against rust and corrosion.

It comes in a 50/50 prediluted mix that is ready to use out of the box. Despite its amber color, it can be used with any OEM antifreeze/coolant without altering the original color or composition of the OEM coolant.

3. Pentosin Pentofrost A4

This antifreeze/coolant is similar to the Zerex Asian because it is formulated specifically for Asian vehicles. Its pink color makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer an alternative with the same color as the Toyota super long life coolant.

The Pentofrost A4 is manufactured using the Phosphated Organic Acid Technology (Phosphated OAT). The phosphate additive prevents the formation of rust and corrosion of the cooling system.

Although it can be mixed with the Toyota super long life coolant, care must be taken when mixing, especially with silicate-caused coolants. Doing so may set off a reaction that forms a gel and clogs the cooling system of your car.

This coolant also comes in a prediluted 50/50 mix, so you do not need to dilute it with distilled water before use. It is also effective against cold temperatures up to -35°F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional answers that might help you decide whether to use the Toyota coolant or an equivalent.

Do I have to use the Toyota super long life coolant?

No. Although it is the recommended coolant for Toyota, especially the newer models, your car will function fine with any of these alternatives.

They provide the same level of protection and are manufactured using the same technology, making them compatible with any Toyota engine where the Toyota SLLC is used. 

Why should I use an alternative?

An alternative does not mean inferior; in many cases, they provide equivalent and even superior performance to OEM coolants. The choice is up to you, but it will be good to have an alternative in mind just in case your dealer runs out of stock. 

Do these alternatives last as long as the Toyota super long life coolant?

Yes. All three alternatives have a service life of up to 150,000 miles which is the industry standard for coolants manufactured with the hybrid organic acid technology. 

Can I mix these coolants with the Toyota super long life coolant?

Yes. Although mixing coolants should be done with caution, you should have no problem mixing any of these coolants with the Toyota SLLC.

Again, this is because they are manufactured using the same technology. Also, none of these coolants contain additives like silicate, borate, amine, or nitrate that could harm your car engine. 

In Summary

The Zerex Asian, Peak Global lifetime, and Pentosin Pentafrost A4 coolants are high-performance coolants formulated to last long and deliver optimum protection to your car engine.

This makes them a good choice for anyone looking for an alternative to the super long life coolant from Toyota. This article contains information on each coolant that should guide your decision. 

Remember, a good coolant can save you from a trip to the mechanic and the embarrassment of popping open your bonnet in rush hour.


Toyota 50/50 Pre-Diluted Super Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant