What Is the Back of a Truck Called? Here’s The Answer

You might have heard the expression “back of the truck,” but you are not sure what exactly it means. That is totally understandable, especially for someone who has never owned a truck. This article will explain the meaning behind this saying and other details related to a cargo bed.

The back of a truck is also called the cargo bed, but when people use the expression “back of the truck,” they might be referring to the items that can be found there, such as toolboxes or the bed cover.

What is the bed of a truck?

The bed of a truck is where you put your belongings when moving them from one place to another.

While most pickup trucks have their bed frames made from aluminum or steel, there are more expensive models that use fiberglass or stainless steel for their beds. Each truck bed frame has been treated using special coatings that prevent corrosion.

Regardless of what material the automaker chose, there is a bed liner, usually from plastic and rubber, to protect the surface from getting scratched.

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Why is it called a bed of a truck?

While you might think that it is called a bed because some people might sleep in the back of a truck, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The name transitioned from trains, as that is what you call the underlying part of a freight car that is designed to carry loads. Trains had been used for a long time before the first pickup truck came on the market, and people assigned the name based on the freight transportation equipment.

Another expression related to trains is “Your truck pulls like a train!” suggesting that the truck has impressive torque.

What is another name for truck bed?

While the most popular name is a truck bed, you might hear people referring to it as a flatbed or cargo bed. Some less experienced people might also call it the trunk of a truck. However, this is something that you rarely hear.

Three types of pickup truck beds (with pictures)

If you thought things were confusing, they are about to get even more confusing! There are different types of truck beds: standard bed, flatbed, and utility bed.

Standard bed

Credit rustoleum.com

The standard pickup bed is the most common type, with walls around it and an opening at the top. This is also called a pickup box bed, which resembles a box with an opening at the top.

The two sidewalls can have a railing system known as bed rails. This will allow you to accessorize your truck with racks or a bed cover.

You will notice a tailgate at the back of the truck that can come down to allow materials loading. When the truck is in motion, this can close and latch, so the materials are secured.

Flatbed truck

Credit: wil-ro.com

A flatbed is just the bottom part of the cargo area, without the sidewalls or the tailgate. The surface is entirely flat, allowing for easier loading from the sides of the truck too. This is popular among farmers as they can load their trucks with a forklift.

Utility truck bed

Trucks with utility beds are the least common type, mainly used by commercial and construction contractors.

As you might have guessed from the name, the truck has storage boxes on the sides of the bed, allowing the owners to keep tools and other miscellaneous items.

In Summary

While the back of a truck can be called multiple names, most people will refer to it as the bed. As you might have learned, people usually add various accessories or toolboxes, depending on their needs.

Some might decide to go for a flatbed that allows heavy items to be loaded using a forklift.

A pickup truck is the most popular vehicle in the US, thanks to its versatility.