launched in 2021 with a mission to provide free, comprehensive DIY automotive repair guides to empower mechanics and car owners to fix their own vehicles.

Created by a team of professional mechanics, our website offers detailed repair manuals and tutorials for the most common maintenance and repair needs. Our guides are carefully crafted to be as easy to follow as possible, allowing DIYers to successfully complete repairs and save on shop fees.

Our Story founder Jefrey Williams worked as an auto mechanic for over 35 years. He consistently had customers asking for help finding affordable repair information online. Jefrey realized there was a need for accurate, up-to-date DIY automotive repair guides that everyday car owners could understand and follow.

After years helping customers find the information they needed, Jefre decided to take matters into his own hands. He teamed up with a group of experienced mechanics to create easy-to-use repair guides to address the most common automotive issues DIYers face. was born!

How We Create Our Guides

Our repair manuals are meticulously researched and written by professional mechanics with years of hands-on experience. Each guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions along with clear images and diagrams illustrating the process. No automotive repair experience required!

We take great care to ensure each guide is as accurate and comprehensive as possible while still being easy for beginners to follow. Our team consults factory service manuals and tests procedures firsthand during guide development.

Our Mission

The mission of is empowering car owners to become self-reliant for basic automotive repairs and maintenance. Our expertly-crafted DIY guides eliminate the need to scour the internet for repair information or pay expensive shop fees for common issues. We believe handy homeowners can handle more repairs themselves with the right educational resources – and we’re here to provide those resources.

At, we’re committed to making quality automotive repair guides accessible to vehicle owners everywhere. And we’re just getting started! Check back regularly as we continue expanding our library of free DIY repair manuals.

How To Contact Us?

At, our mission is providing free DIY automotive repair guides to empower mechanics and car owners to fix their own vehicles. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach out with questions, suggestions, or any other feedback.

Please feel free to connect with us by shooting an e-mail at [email protected]

Meet the team

Jefrey Williams

My name is Jeffrey Williams and I have been a car mechanic for over 35 years. I am currently working NYC Auto Repair Shop, in New York City and recently developed a strong passion about blogging. I decided to put together this blog where I will try and answer the most commonly asked questions I get on a daily basis from my customers.

I hope you will find your answer, and if you need to contact me, please check out my contact page!

Kevin Dupont

Every since I was a little boy, I can remember spending the afternoons in my dad’s repair shop.

I got my first car at 16 and it was the best feeling ever!

I have contributed to various automotive publications but decided it’s finally time to settle for something constant.

Together with Jeff and Iliah, we founded

Brian R Oniango

Brian is an auto technician who writes DIY repair articles and creates how-to videos for MechanicAsk. He focuses on common repairs like brakes, oil changes, and lighting. Brian draws on his 5 years of dealership experience to explain repairs in an easy-to-follow manner, even for novice do-it-yourselfers. His technical articles always include detailed tool lists, supply checklists, and visual guides.

Iliah Uyah

Iliah is the co-founder of Mechanic Ask, where he writes detailed step-by-step tutorials for repairs and mods. He also posts videos walking through things like engine swaps, suspension lifts, and tuning chips. Iliah uses his blog as an educational resource for car enthusiasts based on the knowledge he’s gained from 15 years as an ASE-certified master technician. His repair manuals provide even novice readers the confidence to take on big projects.


Engineering Coordinator with 5+ years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. Currently supporting vehicle development and new model launch activities at Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. Skilled at managing engineering teams, overseeing prototype builds, coordinating testing, and driving continuous process improvements. LinkedIn

Mark Benjamin AT

Mark is a senior editor for Mechanic Ask, creating tech-focused articles about diagnostics, tools, and new auto servicing methods. He attends industry shows to stay current. With a mechanical engineering degree, Mark is able to translate complex technical details into explanations understandable for shop owners and technicians. His articles help shops improve processes, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Zohan Sohail

Zohan writes repair manuals and technical documents for multiple automotive publications. He helps create visual guides and instructions for dealership techs and savvy car owners. Zohan collaborates with engineering teams to ensure the repair manuals accurately reflect the vehicle designs. His manuals are valued for their clear organizational structure, step-by-step visuals, and focus on safety.