Is MechanicAsk.com free to use?

Yes, absolutely! All of the automotive repair information and resources on MechanicAsk.com are completely free and open to the public. Our library of DIY guides can be accessed without any payment or logins required.

We believe quality repair education should be freely accessible to vehicle owners, unlike paid subscription services. Our mission is empowering everyday car owners to tackle more repairs themselves, so we made the site 100% free. Take advantage of our extensive offerings at no cost whatsoever!

What kind of vehicles do your guides cover?

Our DIY guides provide repair instructions for most popular domestic and imported passenger vehicles from 1990 through today’s current models. We have repair manuals for makes like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru and more.

Our guides cover repairs and maintenance for common issues on both older legacy models as well as newer contemporary releases. Whether you have a 1990s Honda Civic or a brand new 2022 Ford F-150, we likely have a guide to help with your needed car repair or upkeep task! Check our expansive automotive repair guide library.

Do I need mechanical experience to use your repair manuals?

Not at all! Our guides are designed to be easy to understand and follow for beginners, even if you’ve never tackled automotive repairs before. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions in layman’s terms along with supportive images illustrating each step of the process. We include tips explaining how to use basic tools needed for the job.

Our guides break down repairs in a beginner-friendly way so DIYers with no prior mechanical training can successfully complete high-quality fixes. No previous wrench turning experience required!

How accurate and up-to-date is the information?

We place top priority on ensuring our automotive repair guides are as accurate and current as possible. Our team meticulously researches each guide using manufacturer service manuals and tests procedures firsthand on actual vehicles to verify details. We confirm instructions match the exact parts, configurations and steps required for the specific vehicle year/model.

In addition, we continually review existing guides against new model releases to update information. Our staff stays current on automotive trends and advancements to adapt guides as needed. Vehicles do change over time, so we put in the diligent work to keep DIYers up to speed with accurate repair recommendations. We also welcome user feedback to fix any inaccuracies that arise.

Can I request a guide for a specific repair topic or vehicle?

Absolutely! We highly welcome DIYers to submit requests for new automotive repair guide topics they would find useful. Our goal is to provide the most meaningful manuals desired by mechanics and car owners, so requests help steer our content.

Use the contact page on our website to send us your repair subject suggestion along with the vehicle year, make and model. Our team regularly reviews requests to identify the most popular topics to cover in future guide development. We can’t make promises for each submission, but your feedback factors into our content strategy and priorities.

Do you have instructional videos in addition to written guides?

Yes! While our website focuses mainly on written DIY repair manuals, many guides also include accompanying instructional video walkthroughs for added visual guidance. We continue producing new repair tutorial videos to enhance the learning experience.

The videos capture a mechanic actually performing the repair on a real vehicle, providing a complementary perspective to the step-by-step instructions. Where available, videos can be accessed on each guide page below the main text content. Let us know if you have suggestions for guides that would benefit from an instructional video as well!

Q: Is there someone I can contact for help if I get stuck?

A: Our customer support team is readily available to provide assistance if you need any help completing a repair from our guides. If you get stuck at a certain step, have questions on the process, or are unsure about something – please reach out!

We have ASE certified mechanics on standby Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. Just use the website chat or contact form describing where you’re stuck and we’ll do our best to provide tips and guidance to get you back on track. Our experts can provide personalized troubleshooting and advice based on your specific repair situation. Give us a holler, we’re happy to help!

How can I support MechanicAsk.com?

The best ways to show support for our free DIY automotive repair guide mission are using our guides for your own projects, sharing them with others, and leaving positive reviews. Your mechanics tips for friends can help spread the word. Leaving detailed reviews describing how our guides helped you repair your own car can inspire others to give our manuals a try.

Social shares and referrals from satisfied customers enable us to reach and assist even more DIYers, which fulfills our overall goal. We genuinely appreciate you helping us further our vision of empowering everyday vehicle owners through free repair education!