Complaints Policy

At, our goal is to provide helpful, accurate automotive repair guides to mechanics and car owners. However, we understand there may be occasions where we fall short. If you have a complaint about our website, guides, or customer service, please let us know so we can address your concerns.

Submitting a Complaint

To file a formal complaint, please send an e-mail at [email protected] and use “Complaint” as the Subject of your email. Please provide as many details as possible about the issue so we can thoroughly investigate. This includes:

  • The specific guide or content you are complaining about
  • The date you accessed or referenced the guide
  • Details about what you found unsatisfactory

We aim to respond to all complaints within 2 business days to confirm we have received your message and have started looking into the issue.

How We Handle Complaints

Upon receiving a complaint, our team will:

  • Review the details carefully to understand the problem
  • Investigate the issue and speak with any staff members involved to get additional perspectives
  • Determine necessary steps to resolve the complaint and prevent similar issues going forward
  • Email the complainant confirming the complaint was received and provide expected next steps and timeline
  • After investigation, email the complainant again with resolution plan and any actions taken
  • For guide inaccuracy complaints, immediately correct any outdated/incorrect information
  • For customer service complaints, retrain staff as needed to improve service
  • For other issues, determine and implement appropriate solutions on a case-by-case basis


If we are unable to resolve your complaint in a timely, satisfactory manner, please request to escalate your issue to management. We will re-review your case at the highest level to determine additional solutions.

At, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to lodge complaints so we can continue improving our offerings. Our goal is meeting the needs of mechanics and DIYers, and your feedback helps us work towards that goal. Thank you for helping us refine and enhance our automotive repair guides.