Honda SRS Light – Meaning, Resetting, and Causes

Ever wondered what the Honda SRS light means? Perplexed why it comes on sometimes while driving? It is present on the dashboard of your vehicle. It is sometimes illuminated and indicates a specific sign.

One shouldn’t ignore it and pay close attention to whether the light is illuminated. However, you do not need to panic and get all stressed too. It is important to know what SRS light is. Dive in to know all about SRS light.

What Does the Honda SRS Light Mean?

SRS is an abbreviation for the supplemental restraint system. It comes off whenever there is any issue regarding the airbag system. This is indicated in the form of a letter or with a small airbag figure.

You might be wondering where the SRS term comes from, right? When vehicles started using the concept of airbag systems, people thought of them as a seat belt replacement.

SRS warning light

It didn’t take them long to realise that airbags must be used with seat belts for added safety. Thus, the term SRS.

To understand the SRS light, you need to know what the airbag system comprises.

  • Clockspring: Clockspring maintains a strong connection between the airbag and the steering wheels during turns.
  • Airbag Sensor: These sensors detect the shocks and impacts. They deploy the airbags during collisions.
  • Airbag Module: The airbag module contains the entire assembly.

What Would Cause the SRS Light to Come On?

There are multiple reasons for which the SRS light might come on. The major ones are as below.


Moisture content leads to corrosion inside your car. If the SRS components corrode, that can be bad for the whole airbag system. It will cause a malfunction and will cause the SRS light to come on.

Latch Failure

The SRS system consists of advanced and modern sensors. They can detect seat belts fastening. However, the buckle sometimes gets infected with dirt or debris, resulting in a loose connection. This will show latch failure with the SRS light.  

Bad Clockspring

The clockspring is a major part of the airbag system and is responsible for connecting the steering wheel with the airbag during sharp turns. However, the clock spring breaks quite often, disconnecting the steering wheel with the SRS system. The SRS light also alerts us during this situation.

Low Battery Power

The SRS system requires a backup battery. This battery is responsible for retaining the information received. The battery backup is needed even when the vehicle is not powered. During the low battery power, the SRS light comes on. This requires us to get a new battery installed.

Malfunctioning SRS Computer

Malfunctioning the SRS computer is another reason for the SRS light coming on. The failure of the computer is due to high impacts and vibrations. Moreover, scorching heat is another cause of computer failure. Furthermore, the demise is also attributed to water damage. You can replace the SRS computer by turning off the SRS light.

Occupancy Sensor

The SRS system comprises multiple sensors. One of the sensors is responsible for the dedication of the passenger in the passenger seat. During the malfunctioning of this sensor, the light will come on.

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How Do I Reset My SRS Light?

The SRS system is an essential system since it is responsible for the control of airbags. It is a safety feature of your vehicle. It maintains a connection between the steering wheel and seat belt to the airbag system.

When you turn the key to start the vehicle, it runs a check of the internal system. If that is successful, the SRS light turns on for a couple of seconds and then turns off. However, if it doesn’t turn on or blink, you should consider resetting the SRS light. Dive in to know the complete method to reset the SRS light.

We have listed eight tried and tested methods below. This will resolve any issue related to the SRS light. However, these methods also depend on the model of your car together with its make.

Before we dive into how to fix the issue with the SRS light, make sure to go through the service manual of your vehicle.

In addition to that, it is strongly suggested to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Let us get straight to these effective methods.

1. Turning Vehicle On and Off

Whenever you encounter any issue with the SRS light, you should always rely on this method first. You must practice these four easy yet effective steps as listed below.

  • Turn on the ignition switch.
  • Once you have turned it on, you should wait for the SRS light to respond. It turns on for a couple of seconds before turning off again.
  • Turn off the ignition as soon as the SRS light turns off. This should be followed by waiting for a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat the above-listed steps before starting the vehicle.

2. Restarting the Vehicle

Restarting works for every electrical component, which is no different from the rest. If your vehicle experiences glitching quite often, this would probably work. Restart the vehicle and have a small drive to check if the issue is fixed.

3. Inspecting the Seat Belts Fastening

The SRS system often malfunctions due to the loose seat belt connection. Thus, always check if something is stuck in the buckle. The seat belt sensor might not be able to detect if it is fastened properly, making the SRS light blink.

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4. Examining the Airbag Switch

Some vehicles have an airbag switch close to the passenger’s seat. Turning it off results in the blinking of the SRS light. Do check in case someone mistakenly turned the switch off.

5. Using a Scanner with the Reset Option

You can also get a scanner for a proper SRS light reset. These automatic reset tools will reset the SRS light with minimal fuss.

6. Verifying the Seat Sensor

Some of the SRS systems also comprise passenger seat sensors. Such sensors are weight sensitive. They turn on the SRS light in case a heavy weight is placed onto them. You can try fastening the seat belt or removing the heavyweight to turn the light off.

7. Fixing a Clock Spring

The clockspring is subjected to tension during sharp turns. Sometimes the connection between the steering wheel and the SRS computer is broken when the clock spring is damaged. Thus, fixing the clock spring will turn the SRS light off.

8. Checking for Faulty Airbag Sensors

The SRS system is integrated with multiple sensors. Each of the sensors is dedicated to its specific job. It is quite probable that a sensor is subjected to corrosion or breakage. This will turn the SRS light on. To turn it off, you must examine the vehicle for faulty sensors.

Can I Drive with the SRS Warning Light On?

The car will start and drive normally. However, if the SRS warning comes on, you should never attempt to drive the vehicle. In case of a crash, the airbags might not deploy as intended, putting your health at risk.

I recommend having the problem inspected by a professional if you haven’t been able to fix the issue yourself. Driving with the SRS warning ON is a risk you should never take.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix the SRS Warning Light?

The cost of fixing the SRS warning will greatly depend on what exactly is causing the system to malfunction. It can range from $200 to $700, most of the cost going into labor.

An airbag sensor or clockspring will cost between $50-$200, but the labor can take the total cost to $600-$700. It is a tedious task, which will take a couple of hours.

The cost will also depend on the car model and year, with older models costing less to fix. As usual, replacing the faulty part yourself will save you more than half of the costs.

However, it is worth mentioning that even though you replace the broken part, you have to reprogram the ECM for the warning to go away.

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What Should I Do If the SRS Warning Comes on While Driving?

If the warning comes on while you are driving the vehicle, you should first find a safe place to pull over. Here you can perform a visual inspection of the car and restart the vehicle as recommended above.

If the warning stays on, you can drive the car to your destination, but you need to get it addressed soon after. It is never recommended to drive the vehicle as you are not sure whether or not the airbags will deploy in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Final Note

I hope this article helped you understand what the SRS does, what it means when the warning indicator comes on, and what might cause it to lit up. You might be able to reset the warning yourself, but if it doesn’t work, it can set you back a couple of hundred to have it fixed by a professional.

For your safety, it is important to have the error fixed before driving the car.