What Does Trip A & B Mean on a Car?

Monitoring the mileage of your car is an excellent way to measure the efficiency of your vehicle over a long period. The mileage of your car can be toggled to fit the information you need. For instance, your odometer displays the total mileage of your vehicle right from the very first drive (lifetime value), as well as DTE and other useful information.

However, the trip odometer shows how many miles you’ve driven since the last reset. To get a better view of your current mileage, you might need to split it, and this is where Trip A and B functions come in handy.

What Does Trip A Mean on a Car?

On your car’s odometer, Trip A will show the mileage driven for a short period of time. For example, Trip A can be used to indicate the number of miles driven between each fill-up. This helps you to calculate the number of miles each tank refill lasted. It might also be a reasonable estimate for fuel economy.

Trip A on Odometer

For instance, if you switch filling stations and you notice that your new fill-up does not last as much as your usual fill-ups, you might have gotten a different variant of gas or poor-quality gas. The better the fuel efficiency, the lower the cost, and there’s a reduced environmental impact.

If Trip A is used for your mileage between each refill, once you refill the tank, take note of the mileage and record it.

After recording the mileage, reset the trip odometer immediately after the refill. When you go for another refill, repeat this. This way, you can monitor the changes or similarities between each trip.

What Does Trip B Mean on a Car?

Trip B is another function of your car’s trip odometer, allowing you to track the mileage of another trip simultaneously with Trip A. The Trip B function could indicate the number of miles you have driven on a road trip.

Looking at the total number of miles recorded on the odometer might be a poor way to calculate the fuel efficiency of a single trip effectively; hence, the number of miles recorded on Trip B might be a better way to keep an eye on a trip’s mileage.

It could also be used to measure mileage between each oil change.

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Difference Between Trip Meter A and B

Trip A and Trip B are used to measure different mileage on the trip odometer. One can be used to measure the number of miles between each tank fill-up, while the other is used to measure the number of miles on each road trip, allowing you to estimate how fuel efficient your vehicle is.

Not all vehicles come with Trip A and Trip B, and vehicle owners sometimes designate Trip A and Trip B for different purposes. Some designate Trip A for a driver’s trip and Trip B for that of another driver.

This might be a more efficient way to calculate mileage for cars driven by two people, such as a couple. Both trips can be reset repeatedly to ensure better accuracy for a single trip.

Trip A could also be used to measure the mileage between each refill, while Trip B measures the mileage between each oil change. It pretty much depends on the driver’s preference.

What information would you like to know?

Then you can set the trips to fit what you want them to be. The most important thing is to note what you set for both trips to maintain precise and more accurate measurements and calculations.

How Do You Turn Off a Car Trip Function?

You can switch off your car trip by clearing the stored data in the trip odometer. To do this, you might have to reset your trip odometer. You can only temporarily turn off your car trip because, after a reset, the mileage accumulates once you start driving.

How Do I Reset My Trip Meter?

Generally speaking, resetting your trip meter will vary from one car model to another. Hence it is better to consult the owner’s manual for step-by-step instructions.

To reset the trip meter on most cars, you might have to press and hold the reset button found on the left-hand stalk switch. If you hold for a long time, you will be resetting the driving time, average fuel consumption, average speed, and mileage.

However, a short press will only delete the mileage data. Please note that the Trip meter TA can only reset automatically if the car has not been used for four hours or more.

You might ask, why should you reset your trip meter? Resetting a trip meter assists in getting a more precise figure rather than an addition of the miles of your previous trip to your current trip.

Therefore, when you reset the trip odometer before a trip, you can be sure that you are monitoring just the miles covered for your current trip.

How Do You Read a Car Trip Odometer?

On the dashboard, mostly near the speedometer, you will see a small rectangle of numbers having about six numbers on it. The numbers might be digital if you drive a newer car or might be a mechanical set if you drive older cars.

If your car features Trip A and B, you might need to press the button to switch between the two values. Further pressing the button displays the mileage on the odometer, which is the number of miles covered through the car’s lifetime.

Does Every Car Have a Car Trip Odometer?

Yes, every vehicle comes with a trip odometer to assist the driver in measuring the mileage and fuel economy. However, the trip odometer might look different for different cars. Newer car models come with a digital trip odometer, while older models are fixed with analog versions.


Your daily driving experience might not require the information given by the odometer, but you are more inclined to require the information on your trip odometer.

The number of miles driven on a gallon of gas or the total number of miles for each trip is necessary information that can be gotten from the trip odometer. To switch from your odometer to the trip odometer, press the ‘trip odometer‘ button, which can be found on the instrument panel.

Before designating Trips A and B for different mileages, ensure your car’s trip meter has those features. Then you can decide what to use each trip for. However, bear in mind that having full knowledge of your fuel efficiency is very important; hence you could designate one trip for that.


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