Kevin Dupont

Every since I was a little boy, I can remember spending the afternoons in my dad’s repair shop. I got my first car at 16 and it was the best feeling ever! I have contributed to various automotive publications but decided it’s finally time to settle for something constant.

Here Is How To Fix Tesla Streaming Loading Error

With the advancement of automotive technology, important features of vehicles are being placed under the control of sophisticated computer systems. The Tesla brand is no different; it gives its users premium features easily accessible from the screen of their car’s computer system. However, this comes with a downside. Being computer-related, glitches are not completely unavoidable. …

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Honda VTM-4 warning light

Honda VTM-4 Light – Meaning & Fixes

Your Honda car is built with a Variable Torque Management 4-wheel-drive system which acts as a driver assist. The system functions automatically without the interference of the driver. The system oversees torque distribution to the rear wheels for better traction when driving on slippery surfaces. What does it mean when the light comes on? Like …

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