Is BP Gas Good? (Answered)

Every car isn’t the same, which is also true for the car owners. While some vehicles can go several years regardless of what kind of gas is used, other cars won’t fare so well.

To avoid this, some people prefer to use the recommended type of gas for their vehicles, and in this case, it will be a Tier 1 gas. 

If you are unfamiliar with this, you might wonder, are all gases not the same? No, they are not. Some are rated higher than others, and one of the most revered gas brands is BP gas.

Before answering the question, is BP gas good, here’s all you need to know about BP gas. 

What is BP gas? 

BP gas stands for British Petroleum gas. It is produced by British petroleum plc, an oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

BP plc has more than a hundred years of experience in the oil and gas sector, and they produce everything from exploration to manufacturing petrochemicals. 

BP plc operates in more than 78 countries worldwide, where they are mainly known for their gasoline, commonly called BP gas. BP gas was recognized as one of the top-tier gas in the world from 2013 to 2021.

Although BP gas is no longer on the list of top-tier gas brands, the company insists that their gasoline, especially those that contain a special additive called Invigorate, exceeds top-tier gasoline levels and even has additional benefits like cleaning the car engine. 

Is BP gas top-tier?

BP used to be listed among the Top-Tier Gas Brands, however, it got removed around 2021.

The main reason for not making it to the licensed brands list is their decision to go with a lower quality additive package, preventing them from achieving Top Tier cleanliness levels.

Should this stop you from filling up at a BP gas station? Absolutely not. Their fuel is one of the best and there are still a lot of drivers who will drive out of their way to get BP gasoline.

BP gas grades

There are three grades of BP gas. These are BP regular, BP Silver, and Ultimate.

The regular grade gas has an octane rating of 87, and although it’s okay for most cars, most automobile manufacturers will always recommend using fuel with a higher octane rating.

BP silver is a mid-grade gas. Mid-grade gases have an octane rating of 89 – 90, depending on the brand. Amoco Ultimate is BP’s top-grade gas with an octane rating between 91 – 93. 

If you’re wondering why these numbers are relevant. Octane rating indicates the stability of the gas. A higher octane rating is always recommended because it is more stable and is less likely to cause pinging or knock your car engine.

But it doesn’t apply to all cars. Some car manufacturers still recommend regular gas. 

Lower octane gas also has lower fuel economy even though they cost less than the mid-grade and premium grades. It is advisable to always check the recommended gas grade for your car to avoid damaging it by using low-grade fuel.

This could void your warranty. 

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Is BP gas as good as Shell? 

Yes. These are major gasoline brands, and in terms of quality, each one delivers what is expected. However, the quality of gas you get would depend on your location.

For instance, about 98% of gasoline sold in the US is blended with 10% ethanol. But in Europe, most gasoline contained just about 5% Ethanol. 

Although ethanol is good for the environment, it also reduces the mileage per volume. Also, blended gas has 30% less power compared to pure gas.

Besides the ethanol content, the additives are another difference between the two gas brands, Shell and BP. However, you can’t easily tell which gas brand is better based on the quality of additives used in the gas.

The reason is that both brands have a solid customer base who vouch for the quality of their gas. 

What gas is better: Exxon or BP?

Again, these are great gas brands with a long record of delivering quality. Any of the two will do just fine to the average gas user.

But some prefer specific gas brands mainly because they are believed to have higher quality than most other brands.

This class of people may prefer Exxon gas to BP because Exxon gas is still rated as a top-tier gas brand while BP is not. But other than that, there’s no saying that Exxon is better than BP. 

Does BP gas have ethanol?

Yes. Most BP gas in the US is labeled E10, meaning it contains 10% Ethanol. However, few BP gas stations sell ethanol-free gas. Besides the E10, BP also sells an E15 gas called BP regular E15. 

Does BP gas last longer?

Among the three grades of BP gas,  Amoco Ultimate is the only one rated premium and is said to give 25 extra miles per tank. This is based on a test drive with the Amoco Ultimate in a full-size pickup truck. 

This is a huge claim considering that BP previously advertised 3- 5 extra miles per tank, and no other gas brands (even among the top tier brands) have made a similar claim. However, BP stands by its claims, and its proprietary detergent additive Invigorate is the reason behind it. 

Invigorate was launched in 2016 and has been added to every grade of BP gas since then. Amoco Ultimate contains more Invigorate than the BP regular and silver gas brands.

The high amount of this additive cleans the car engine by removing existing dirt and preventing the buildup of new ones. 

To answer the question, does BP gas last long? The answer is Yes. But you may have to spend some extra cash if you want to go the extra mile. 

Does BP gas station take EBT/SNAP?

EBT/SNAP cards are accepted in most gas stations across the US, including BP gas stations. To do this, you will need a membership card. Without this card, you wouldn’t have access to the benefits of your EBt/SNAP cards in any of the 1,900 plus BP stores in the US. 

Final Note

Is BP gas good? Yes. Undoubtedly, BP gas is one of the highest quality gas brands out there. Although every company tries to sell theirs as the best, there isn’t a big difference in experience because every gas is regulated to meet a certain standard.

Going beyond this standard is up to the company. 

But the standard ensures that every car owner is guaranteed a level of protection. Also, you must keep in mind that depending on who you ask. The answers will vary.

Some people would generally prefer a particular brand to the other, while others don’t care what brand of gas they use as long as it works.